Our superior-grade seeds empower every home gardener to effortlessly grow exceptional and disease-resistant vegetables.

Mars Agrobiotech Pvt. Ltd. has been dedicated to streamlining farmers’ agricultural journeys, offering premium seed solutions and advanced equipment to ensure trust and profitable cultivation. Our meticulous planning and collaborative efforts with registered growers have established a robust system fostering the flourishing production of high-quality seeds.

Adopting the ‘Custom Seed Production’ approach, our seeds undergo careful cultivation by a select group of farmers under the guidance of skilled breeders and seed technicians. This approach has led to remarkable growth in our seed production over recent years. Leveraging the expertise of our production department, we have successfully supplied over 300,000 quarts of seeds spanning 35 crops, including our proprietary field crops and innovative vegetable research hybrids, driving our continued expansion.

We're Proud To Share Our Patented Seed Technology From Nutrisun And Ultrasun That Produces High-Quality Sunflower Oil, HSHOSO, And UHO.

Selecting the ideal seeds for each field crop stands as a cornerstone for agricultural prosperity. Our process initiates with a thorough evaluation of the local climate and soil conditions. Engage with our seasoned farmers and experts to gain invaluable insights. Choose superior-quality, disease-resistant seeds tailored to suit the environment. Proper storage is imperative to preserve their quality. Adhere to recommended planting techniques and diligently nurture the crops throughout their growth cycle. Armed with the right seeds, guidance, and attentive care, we guarantee optimal flourishing for every crop!