About Us

For two decades, Mars Agrobiotech Pvt. Ltd. has led India's agricultural landscape, producing premium crops and seeds. Our mission is sustainable farming through technology, supporting farmers. We're known for diverse, trusted productions and advancing eco-friendly practices, staying connected with farmers to meet their evolving needs. We aren't just an agribusiness; we're pioneering a sustainable future for India.

Quality Products

Our modern processing technology is committed to providing the best seed to all farmers.

Customized farming solutions

We understand requirements of each farmer and offer relevant seed solutions that ensure long-term success.

Excellent Services

Our wide-reaching network of commercial partners works together to deliver high-quality seed to every farmer.


Mr. Ashok Sharma stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of business. In the year 2008, he pioneered the establishment of MARS AGROBIOTECH Private Limited, a formidable entity that has emerged as a key player in the agricultural sector, operating strategically across more than 15 states. Under his leadership, the company has garnered significant recognition and influence in the realm of agricultural activities, showcasing a commitment to excellence and contributing substantially to the growth and development of the agricultural landscape. make it more professional.



"Harvesting Hope, Nurturing Nature - Cultivating Tomorrow!"

Nestled within the heart of the agricultural terrain, our extensive network of farmers and pioneering research endeavors has been the catalyst for cultivating a sustainable legacy. Together, we endeavor not just to feed the nation but also to empower farming communities, ensuring profitable yields and prosperity. Focusing on horticulture, agriculture, and forest production, we merge expertise and a deep-rooted passion for eco-farming, transforming Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan into thriving, verdant paradises. Our commitment surpasses mere production; we optimize import-export processes, fostering growth within our nurturing community. Empowered by cutting-edge agricultural machinery, we sow the seeds of both social and economic prosperity.

Our Mission |

“Our dedication lies in forging alliances with farmers, distributors, and stakeholders nationwide. Together, we share a fervent commitment to nurturing sustainable growth within the agricultural sphere.”

“Beyond mere cultivation, we are fervently preparing the soil, sowing the seeds not only for crops but for an enriched and prosperous future. Our paramount objective is to leave no region disregarded, fostering a collaborative effort to establish a sustainable farming ecosystem accessible to all.”

Our Vision |

“We aspire to stand as a frontrunner in the agricultural domain, channeling our endeavors towards the welfare of our esteemed farming partners and patrons through the delivery of superior, meticulously researched outcomes. Our unwavering dedication to fostering a favorable ecosystem enables us to cultivate farms while nurturing mutual advancement.”

“At our core, we are driven by the ambition to harness cutting-edge technologies, aiming to craft products that contribute to the holistic enhancement of organic farming. With aspirations to broaden our horizons within the industry, we aim to catalyze a positive metamorphosis in the agricultural landscape.”a


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